Last month at Cousins Group, we held a Mental Health Awareness Day for our employees. Interactive workshops that showcased our internally produced Toolbox Talk Videos were hosted throughout the company to provide a better understanding of the causes of stress and poor mental health, the symptoms to look out for, and ways to support and recognise mental health within ourselves and colleagues.

As well as receiving the Toolbox Talk videos, Cousins Group employees were given the opportunity to complete an on-line IHASCO Mental Health Awareness Training Course. We received an excellent response to this throughout the company, with many employees taking the opportunity to sign up for this informative course.

Working within the construction industry can be rewarding, but the pressures are often high particularly with the current challenges, this can lead to employees experiencing work-related stress and other mental health issues.

As a business we will continue to keep a focus on mental health. We have several Mental Health First Aiders who are trained to provide the right support to colleagues, and we also have industry help available such as the Construction Industry Helpline and The Lighthouse Club.




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