101 George St in Croydon is the tallest modular building in the world. Comprising 546 units, over 44 storeys and 135 meters, the project was completed in July 2020, and was a huge undertaking. Cousins, working for Vision Modular, were appointed to the build for their ability to complete a project of this scale without compromising on the quality of finish achieved.

Modular Build – Decorating


Vision Modular

George Street, Croydon


July 2020

Project tasks and challenges

Any project that involves the integration of 546 modular units, constructed offsite and delivered ready for installation, is going to require a steep learning curve. When you then consider that the project involves the tallest ever modular building ever built, then it’s clear that the necessary level of planning and project management is going to be pretty stratospheric itself.

If that wasn’t enough, the UK went into lockdown as part of the Covid-19 pandemic, disruptive to even the best laid plans. That brought its own challenges around health and safety and the necessity of social distancing and self-isolation of staff.  Luckily, through forward planning and excellent communication, Cousins kept progress steady through the lockdown, minimising any delay to completion of the project.

Project results

The project completed successfully in July 2020, quite an achievement considering the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. Cousins were required to keep up to 30 decorators onsite to meet the requirements of the contract. We’d say it was a landmark effort for a landmark building!