Hope Wharf is a historic location in Southwark, encompassing 3 listed buildings as well as other structures onsite, including the old wharf crane.

The three listed buildings included in the project scope included Riverside House, Stable House and Granary House.

Building refurbishment

Hope Wharf Management Company Ltd

Building Ltd

London borough of Southwark


November 2017

Project tasks and challenges

Working on any listed building always brings a new set of challenges with it, as every project is unique.

 At Hope Wharf, our remit was distinctive in that it included the unique challenge of refurbishing the old crane, as well as the walkway bridge between buildings.

 The location of Riverside House required complex planning, as it sits literally on the Thames itself. Completing the work necessary required a complete scaffolding surround, meaning the riverside façade was grounded on the bed of the River Thames itself. This was successfully constructed and work, including a full replacement of the roof, was able to proceed.