The other House formally known as Harrington Hall Hotel has had an external refurb. The establishment consists of 237 units which combine apartment-style living with luxury hotel and club services.

Cousins were proud to have taken part in the revamp of the premises by completing the external decorations on the beautiful period building. The external decorations now complement the internal finishes, both having a fantastic makeover.

Hotel & Leisure

Red Construction

South Kensington


October 2022

Project tasks and challenges

The external was tired and weathered and in poor condition, with the moulded detailed sections being the worst. All existing paint was scrapped back to a firm edge, where it was then sealed with a stabilising solution, filled, sanded and an additional coat of stabiliser applied. A mist coat was then applied to bring up to a coated surface, with a final 2 coats of Dulux Weathershield masonry smooth applied to all surfaces as a finishing coat. Windows and doors were also decorated in Dulux Weathershield satin, as were the metal Juliet balconies using Dulux Metalshield on the rear of the building.

The programme ran in line with the scaffold strike. Due to the complexity of the scaffold, the building was split into 3 vertical sections, in order to work around the high-level loading bay and feature balcony.